Huawei Honor 7i Launched with a 13MP Rotating Camera, 3GB RAM

Huawei Honor 7i is the latest Smartphone in town courtesy of the Chinese giant, Huawei

This Smartphone comes in with a spotlight on its camera, because of its 13MP snapper which will really flip.

When you look at it, the camera is simply like any rear camera of a Smartphone. However, there’s a lot of to the current Honor 7i snapper because it will rotate at 180 degree angle such it can be used as a front snapper. Isn’t that amazing? Moreover, there’s room for you to regulate to certain weird angles, as an example, 90 degrees, only for taking experimental shots.

Huawei has decided that it won’t be left behind with the fingerprint technology because it has included it on this Honor 7i Smartphone. This feature is often found on the left side of the phone and additionally to being a fingerprint sensor; it can also be used as a camera button.

Huawei not the first to install a rotating camera on Smartphones

While the rotating camera feature of the Huawei Honor 7i may sound strange to several Smartphone users, it won’t be the first time we’ll be seeing such an incredible creation.

Oppo has been at it at some point, rolling out a variety of Smartphones that added various other features with rotating snappers. Even though Huawei has come with a rather similar concept, the implementation in the latest case is completely different.


Other best features of Huawei Honor 7i

The rotating camera is not the only eye-catching feature of the Honor 7i. There is a lot of to the mid-range Smartphone because it comes with features and specifications that more of like a high-end Smartphone.

The size of the display alone can leave several of those looking to shop for the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 thinking twice as it options a slightly larger screen of 5.2 inches. However, the resolution could be a bit lower when compared to Samsung’s flagship as the Honor 7i only manages 1080p.

Inside the Huawei Honor 7i you will find an older Qualcomm chipset, a Snapdragon 616 SoC. Samsung dropped the Qualcomm chipsets, with some pundits citing the difficulty of overheating as a major contributor to this move. However, HTC kept faith with this U.S. Company when rolling out the newest HTC One M9. If you love to play games and run various applications on your phone, the Honor 7i will be an ideal match for you with its 3GB of RAM.

Huawei Honor 7i has 2 variants

The aspect of rolling out many variants of a Smartphone looks to be exciting many manufacturers and not just Samsung and Apple. Huawei is among the debutants during this niche and with the Honor 7i you will have a variant with 16GB of internal storage and is provided with a RAM of 2GB and a variant with 32GB of internal storage and a RAM of 3GB.

There also are two color variants where you will choose between gold and silver. The battery unit of the Huawei Honor 7i is quite decent, standing at 3100mAh. This Huawei Smartphone has two Nano SIM slots.

Price of Huawei Honor 7i

The Honor 7i has not hit the U.S. markets yet. In China, however, it presently exchanges hands at about $250 for the 16GB variant and $300 for the 32GB model. The company has not spoken a word on its availability within the U.S. and other parts of the world, however it won’t be very long.


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