Ways to Install Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Update To Any Android Phone

The latest Android Phone version available now is Android 5.1.1. everyone has wish to update their phone to the most recent Android version Available. There are 2 possible ways to upgrade your phone to Android 5.1.1 lollipop.


#1. Install OTA Update Provided by the Manufacturer

Due the high competition in mobile phone business, it’s important for manufacturers to provide regular software updates via *OTA to the users as a result now a day’s people select a brand not only by considering the hardware specification, but also software updates. The simplest ways to upgrade your phone to the most recent Android 5.1.1 lollipop is to wait for the OTA updates to arrive. Google nexus devices get updates in less time. Most of the important players in the Smartphone business also try to provide the update as soon as possible. Some delays are going to be there as a result of they have to test the software to  make sure that there are no bugs remaining in the upgrade before rolling it out to everyone. Therefore if you own a nexus phone or a phone by any other manufacturer who provides OTA updates in time, then the most effective plan is to attend for that update.

#2. Root Your Phone and Install Custom ROM

Not everyone have a patience to attend for the OTA updates from their OEMs. For them, the tactic to get lollipop upgrade is to root their phones and install a custom ROM like cyanogen mod. Rooting is basically the method of unlocking the phone and getting access to the whole system. The procedure to get android lollipop via development is as follows.

Unlock the Bootloader

In phones created by some particular manufacturers like Motorola and HTC, the bootloader of the phone needs to be unlocked before rooting. The tutorial for doing this can be found within the websites of these phone companies. Simply follow it and unlock the bootloader first as it is necessary before rooting the phone. If there’s no would like for unlocking the bootloader, then you’ll be able to directly skip to the rooting step. Please keep it in mind that you will lose all your data you unlock the bootloader. So don’t forget to take a backup before you do so.

Root your phone

There is various methods available gain root access. You can either root your phone by using apps like ‘Kinsgroot’ that permits you to get rooted without the help of a computer. If that doesn’t work well, you can then try universal tools like ‘super one click root’. It’s software that can be used in your computer. Not every phone can be rooted by using this software. In that case you can simply search in Google or in XDA forum to find how to root your phone.

Install custom recovery

Go to XDA forums and find a suitable recovery for your phone and flash it. Tutorials will be available in the respective threads.

Flash a custom ROM

This is the last step. A large collection of custom ROM is available at XDA. Simply surf through it and find one that looks suitable for you. The guide to install those ROMs will be available within the respective threads. Flash it and you finally have lollipop update!

*OTA(Over the Air)


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