Amazon Not Trying To Give Up On The Fire Phone Yet

Despite the failure of the Fire Phone, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has reportedly expressed interest by more sound into the Smartphone segment to examine where the future is headed. He reiterated that although the first gen Fire Phone was a failure, it might take a few more models of the handset to properly gauge the feasibility of an Amazon branded Smartphone.


Sold only within the USA, the Fire Phone runs a customized version of Android without Google’s services like the Play Store or Gmail. This implies that customers had to accept Amazon’s App Store and make many different sacrifices to make it work.
Because of the failure of the Smartphone, Amazon started providing the device for $200 (Rs 12,381 at the current rates) of the contract down from the initial price of $649.99 (Rs 40,000), which could have helped the retailer sell off the existing inventory in its warehouses.

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On one hand, it’s good to see Jeff Bezos “embracing” failure of the Fire Phone with the hope that future iterations will turn the fortunes. However, we do not see how a Smartphone with no Google services and restricted global ambitions can survive within the extremely competitive mobile industry. This at a time when companies like Samsung are losing market share to the likes of Xiaomi, Micromax etc in India.


The Amazon Fire Phone options a 4.7 inch HD display surrounded by a variety of cameras for face tracking and therefore the Dynamic Perspective UI. It also sports a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 chipset, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, a 13 MP rear camera and stereo speakers. While Amazon does not specify the Android version it’s running, then Fire Phone options the company’s proprietary Fire OS 3.5 UI layering on top of stock Android.


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