Samsung’s First Truly Bendable Device To Be Available By End Of 2014

Samsung and other technical firms are beating the flexible display drum for a really long time now, but the nearest things we’ve truly gotten are slightly curved phones just like the Galaxy Note Edge.

The wait for a really flexible Smartphone might finish shortly, though, as one Samsung executive has promised to launch a bendable device by the end of 2014, reports ZDNet.


“We plan to give shoppers with a product that features a flexible display by the end of the year,” Lee Chang-Hoon, vice president of Samsung Display’s business strategic team, aforementioned at AN NYC event for Samsung investors.

“However, nothing has been selected the finished product,” he added.

Double Take

It’s possible Lee misspoke, since it looks far-fetched for Samsung to be planning to launch a gadget within the next six weeks after they haven’t even finalized it yet.

But regardless of whether or not he has his dates right, Lee’s statements show that Samsung is obtaining serious regarding releasing products with displays that bend and flex.


And these devices won’t have just a little bit of give, according to Lee, who reportedly also said the new gadget will be so flexible it will bend in half without breaking.

“We will secure production capacity of 30,000 to 40,000 by the end of next year,” he said, adding that no different company is ready to match Samsung in flexible show production come 2016.


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