You Can Get Android Lollipop’s Best Feature On Older Android Phones

My favorite a part of Android Lollipop has a secure PIN code on my phone however never having to type it in,thanks to the new trustworthy Devices and trustworthy Places choices that bypass the lock screen while I don’t need it. If you’ve got an older Android phone, there is great news: An app will bring you a similar nice trick.


Delayed Lock, a $3 app dug up by The Verge, can offer you most of a similar functionality whereas you await your 5.0 update, and it’s easier than it’s ever been. Sure, there have continually been the choice of trade one thing beside a hack-y app like Tasker or Llama, however Delayed Lock is maybe the best answer in need of having Lollipop on your phone, and it does not need root access. It isn’t clear what the old version of Android this could work on is, however as so much back as 4.0 you must be within the clear.

To set it up, simply choose the Bluetooth devices you wish to trust, Wi-Fi networks you connect with in your home or workplace, and you are sensible to go. All that on top of the title feature, the ability to set up a lock screen delay in order that a PIN prompt will not show up for X amount of minutes since you last entered it.

There few minimal catches. You will have to use a PIN or password to Delayed Lock; Pattern lock is not a possibility unless you root your phone. but if you are never entering a code anyway, it hardly matters. That and $3 is not quite free, however the app comes with a 7-day free trial, and not having to go through a lock screen all the time is well well worth the 3 bucks. You can go and get your app on the Google Play Store now.


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