Samsung & BlackBerry currently becomes partners to improve Knox Security

Samsung and Blackberry have proclaimed that area unit aiming to be in partnership. This may result a long term relation between the 2 corporations especially for the security of Smartphones.

The end results of the partnership between the 2 corporations are going to be on the market in early 2015. It’ll merge BlackBerry’s BES12 cross-platform EMM and Samsung’s KNOX into single one security suite for Galaxy Smartphones and tablets.

KNOX Security Services

Samsung KNOX and BES12 can supply complete separation of business and private information. The coming security suite will give enhancements that address a number of the Android-specific security problems.

BlackBerry is that the pioneer of enterprise-level security services and everybody agrees to the apparent. For the primary time, an on the spot competition has set to shake hands with the Canadian enterprise specialist. And we’re talking concerning none apart from Samsung.

The Korean-based complete has slogged itself into obtaining the correct balance for its own version of enterprise-security on good devices referred to as KNOX however the response hasn’t matched up to their expectations. That’s wherever BlackBerry (BB) has returned on board with Samsung to supply an additional layer of enterprise security at the favored Galaxy series of Smartphone and tablets.

Making the announcement at its BES12 event in San Francisco, BB shot talked up the prospect of protecting Samsung’s KNOX service with another layer of protection for Android devices. This arrangement ensures that malicious apps wrecking the sturdiness of your device become an issue of the past. Additionally to it, BB’s experience to keep work and private information separate and secured will be placed into applying.

So has Samsung has given abreast of its KNOX security feature? Well not very. If something is to be got rid of from this arrangement, we’ll say that Samsung may find yourself cashing in on BB’s well services inputs. BlackBerry on the opposite hand shows up at the right place, right time to require advantage of Samsung’s misgiving and thrive on improving Android’s security to a better level, guaranteeing continual information mishaps on the ASCII text file platform goes away for the great.

What we’d like BlackBerry to try and do is, produce a cross-platform scheme that aids in raising the protection standards of quality devices across the trade.


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